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The TVET Unit is a department within the Ministry of Education, Innovation, Science, Technology and Vocational Training. We are responsible for managing and coordinating the development of technical skills in the school system.

HOw can we help you today?

TVET represents an educational pathway that empowers everyone to cultivate the knowledge and skills required for success. While the TVET Unit oversees secondary schools, our affiliated organizations are available to provide further assistance.

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National Skills Development Centre

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National Enrichment & Learning Unit

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Saint Lucia Council
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What is TVET?

TVET (Technical Vocational Education and Training) is an inclusive educational approach that focuses on the acquisition of skills, knowledge, and attitudes, aimed at preparing individuals for a wide range of occupations and careers in various industries.

What is Occupational Training?

An occupational qualification is a qualification associated with a trade, occupation or profession resulting from work-based learning. Occupational qualifications make work experience an important part of learning.

What is Competency Based Education?

Competency-based education is a way of teaching where the focus is on students getting proficient at certain skills. These skills are important because they're used in real life, not just in the classroom. We can check and measure how well the students are doing in these areas, making sure they know how to use what they have learned in the real world.

Benefits of a TVET Education

TVET promotes job readiness, fosters entrepreneurial skills, and builds success-oriented attitudes. It provides industry-standard qualifications to amplify individuals' growth and potential.

A change is coming to education

The Ministry of Education, Sustainable Development, Innovation, Science, Technology, and Vocational Training through the TVET Unit, is transforming four secondary schools in Saint Lucia into technical vocational education and training (TVET) centers.

The Anse Ger Secondary School, Grande Riviere Secondary School, Piaye Secondary School, and Stanley Jon Odlum Memorial Secondary School will be transformed into dynamic technical high schools. 

Each school will be an institute of occupational specialisation. The specialisation areas below:

THE TVET UNit has rebranded

TVET is vibrant and fueled by change. As such, we have created a new logo with four core colours that embody what we do. Together, these colours create the vibrant tapestry of TVET education. They symbolize the diversity, inclusivity, and opportunity of TVET.

Blue symbolises critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and innovation. It is the colour of technology and the digital economy.

Fuchsia symbolizes creativity and innovation in TVET. It represents vocations that require strong creative thinking, like design or digital arts.

Green symbolises environmental friendliness and sustainable agriculture. It represents a focus on sustainable practices in the various vocations.

Orange symbolises energy, enthusiasm, and encouragement. In TVET, it represents practical skills, construction, mechanical, and manual vocations.


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